Project partner

Association of Women’s Movement in Rural Areas that is short name the association of Bizde Varız (We are also here) was established in 2010 and it has conducted two separate projects successfully with the project partner Association of Kaced.

It is the primary target of the Association of Bizde Varız (We are also here) to realize, improve, research and evaluate the human rights of women in the rural area of the Black Sea Region to protect from the rights violations, to prevent the violation, to identify the violations, to make legal support and assistance when violation occurs and in other necessary cases as well as to improve women’s access to public services, to increase their social, economic and political status, to raise awareness against gender discrimination and violations, to encourage women’s employment by including them to economic process.


KACED Association was established in 2002. The purpose of the KACED Association is to create awareness and consciousness in the field of European Union Integration Process, Strengthening the Local Democracy and Civil Society, Human Rights and Citizenship, Multiculturalism, Superiority of Law, Environmental Protection, Cultural and Artistic Activities, Youth works and Studies of Women.

The vision of the KACED Association is a ‘’Strong and Democratic Civil Society’’. 

The mission of the KACED targeting the attainment of a strong and democratic civil society is to carry out advocacy, campaign, research, training and lobbying activities in its priority target areas in order to:

  • ensure the development of participation and democracy in civil society,
  • strengthen organizational capacity and autonomy,
  • make the voice of civil society heard in decision making processes.