Project purpose

The purpose of the Project of Information Kit Preparation for Climate Change shall be developing the consciousness of two different groups (NGOs, Public Institutions/Organisations and Students) in the target region that is Eastern Black Sea Region on the issues of climate change and global warming, and significantly raising the awareness on this subject.

The below special objectives shall be realised in line with this purpose:

  • Preparation and publication of training and awareness raising programmes (conference and information seminar) on climate change and its effects,
  • Development of educational and public awareness raising materials by use of national and international sources on climate change and its effects,
  • Development of adaptation capacity against climate change,
  • Sustainable use of resources,
  • Minimising the exposure to the hazards of climate change,
  • Design of a comprehensive internet site on the subject, and dedicating it to the service of study groups and the public,
  • Organisation of contests with awards towards primary and secondary school students in the region on the subject of climate change and global warming,
  • Contribution at regional scale to producing resolutions to the environmental problem of climate change of which impact on our country will increasingly continue today and in the future, and to the capacity building in this regard,