Educational booklets

Booklet of Fundamentals for Ecological Tourism Training

(Ecology, Ecological Values, Nature Protection)


Book content:

  1. Ecology And Ecosystem
  2. What Is Ecological Equilibrium?
  3. Elements Of An Ecosystem
  4. What Is A Species?
  5. How Does A Species Become Extinct?
  6. What Is Biological Diversity?
  7. Importance Of Biological Diversity
  8. Importance Of Biological Diversity For Turkey
  9. Biological Diversity Agreement
  10. Turkey’s Guarantee
  11. Principal Ecosystems In Turkey
  12. Forests
  13. Steppes
  14. Wetlands
  15. Sea Ecosystem
  16. Human Caused Issues Effecting The Biological Diversity In Wetland And Sea Ecosystems
  17. Supported International Programs About Protection Of Nature
  18. Factors Effecting Biological Diversity
  19. Legal Status Of Biological Diversity

Booklet of Eco-Tourism And Eco-Tourism Applications


Book content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Reasons Of Starting And Development Of Ecotourism
  3. Components Of Eco-Tourism According To World Tourism Organization
  4. Objective Of Eco-Tourism According To World Tourism Organization
  5. Principals Of Eco-Tourism
  6. Eco-Tourism Activities In Turkey
  7. Differences Between Tourism And Eco-Tourism In Effecting Their Source Values 
  8. The Relation Between Eco-Tourism And Areas Under Protection
  9. Areas Under Protection And Eco-Tourism Applications In Turkey
  10. Eco-Tourism Activities In The World
  11. Bibliography

Booklet of Training Guide for NGO’S


Book content:

  1. Civil Society
  2. Civil Society In Turkey
  3. Importance Of Powerful Civil Society
  4. Associations
  5. Statistics On Associations Throughout Turkey
  6. Declaration of Establishment of Associations (Regulation of Associations):
  7. Points Which Require Special Attention During The Activities of An Association
  8. Association Facilities Which May Be Established Upon Permission
  9. Foundations
  10. Unions And Confederations
  11. Application for establishing a federation and papers required:
  12. Application for establishing a confederation and papers required:                  
  13. Corporations And Cooperatives
  14. Profession Chambers
  15. Citizen Initiatives
  16. Other Groups:
  17. Means Of Communication For Ngo’s
  •        What is communication? 
  •        Poster
  •        Brochure
  •        Press Release
  •        Preparing a Media Kit
  1. Strengthening The Civil Society In The Eu
  2. Project Cycle For Non Governmental Organizations
  3. Standard Documents Of Calls For Proposal For European
  4. Union Micro Grant Applications
  5. Project Management