Project training programme

Training topics:

  1. Objective and stages of evolution of the EKOCESKİ Project
  2. Film slide presentation – The Eastern Black Sea Nature and Ayder Plateau spanning from forests to lakes
  3. Environmental Problems & Reasons of the Ayder Plateau, Contradiction appearing in Resource Utilization
  4. Protection Efforts World-Wide and "Private Environmental Protection Zone in Turkey" concept
  5. Introduction to Natural Environment: World’s Development, Natural Environment, Ecosystem and Natural Balance, Ecology, Biological Variety, Species, Extinction,
  6. Protection Statutes for Species, Why Nature Protection?, Ways of Nature Protection, Legal Arrangements Related to Nature Protection, International Contracts Signed by Turkey
  7. Fundamental Ecology and Definitions
  8. Tourism and Ecotourism Concept
  9. Ecotourism Practices in Turkey and in the World
  10. Ayder Plateau and Ecotourism Practice