Project rationale

Within the scope of the project,  all the ecotourism shareholders in the Ayder Plateau, Fırtına Valley, and Kaçkar Mountains National Park, in other words, the tourism organisations, local tour guides, local civil society organisations, local administrations, the personnel of the public organisations, will be trained in issues such ecotourism systems, international standards related to environment protection, and the approach of European Community to the issue, in a training program prepared by the experts.  Within the scope of the education program, things to do to protect the natural and cultural heritage, the characteristics of Ayder Plateau, Fırtına Valley and Kaçkar Mountains National Park, a SWOT analysis will be done. This information providing process and brainstorming   will ease the shareholders’ assuming a more dynamic relationship. (For SWOT analysis during the ecodialogue project, please see Activity 10’)

The book providing information to be distributed to the related institutions and people during the training will also provide for a solution producing informative discussions based on data between the civil society organisations.  The communication network to be established after the training program, while developing the capacity of civil society in decision making, determining strategy and policies, with the formation of cooperation with the participation of Civil Society Organisations-public sector, and consulting council,  producing solutions to the common problems will be possible, an agreement will be formed on the solutions produced for the ecotourism and the protection of the environment, to be the best solutions for the region.  With the events and objective of the ecodialogue project program, with the active participation of the decision making mechanism of the civil society, the cooperation of the public sector with civil society organisations will be realised.

With the aim to provide the continuity of the events within the ecodialogue project, by organising workshops and seminars in the body of Rize City Associations Directorate after the project ends, permanent quality and sustainability of the cooperation of civil society organisations-public sector in the environment protection and ecotourism area will be guaranteed.  The management of the natural resources, providing information on the necessary preliminary conditions to local people and all shareholders for the development of ecotourism in a healthy way and its implementation and raising their consciousness, preparing of the strategic plans and region management of the civil society organisations and public institutions, local people in time, will provide the opportunity of their participation in the events in a more effective and productive way. This objective is directly in compliance with the program’s objective of easing the participation of local groups in the local decision taking organs and strengthening of the cooperation with the local official authorities on local administrative issues.