Educational booklets

Protection of Nature and Means of Protecting the Nature


Book content:

  1. Protection of Nature and Means of Protecting the Nature
  2. Protected Zones
  3. National Parks
  4. Natural Parks
  5. Natural Protection Areas
  6. Natural Monuments and Monumental Trees
  7. Private Environmental Protection Areas
  8. Protection Forests
  9. Natural Protected Areas
  10.  Natural Monuments (Monumental Trees)
  11.  Urban Protected Areas
  12.  Historical Protected Areas
  13.  Archeological Protected Areas
  14. Urban Archeological Protected Areas
  15.  Gene Protection Areas and Administrative Areas
  16.  Statutes for International Protection Areas in Turkey
  17.  Biogenetical Reserve
  18. Euro diploma Site
  19. Unesco Human and Biosphere Program and Biosphere Protection Areas
  20. Legal Regulations on Global and Turkish scale as to the Protection of Nature
  21.  Laws, Regulations and Agreements concerning the Protection of Areas
  22. Declaration and Stipulations


Ecology and Ecosystem Advice Note


Book content:

  1. Ecology and Ecosystem
  2. What is Ecological Balance?
  3. Elements of Ecosystem
  4. What is a Species?
  5. What are Protection Categories concerning the Species?
  6. How does a Species perish?
  7. What is Biological Diversification?
  8. Significance of Biological Diversification
  9. Factors Influencing Biological Diversification 


Ekoturizm Kavramı ve Türkiye’de Ekoturizm


Book content:

1. Introduction: General Conceptions

a-) Ecotourism Components According to World Tourism Organization

b-) the Purpose of Ecotourism According to World Tourism Organization Principles of Ecotourism

2. Principles of Ecotourism

3. Ecotourism Activities in Turkey

4. Differences between the impacts of Tourism and Ecotourism on the Resource Values

5. The Relation between Ecotourism and Protected Area

6. Protected Areas and Ecotourism Applications in Turkey

7. Ecotourism Activities in the World 

What Is A Non-Governmental Organization?


Book content:

  1. Civil Society
  2. Significance of a Powerful Civil Society
  3. Societies
  4. Foundations
  5. Trade Unions and Confederations
  6. Associations and Cooperatives
  7. Trade associations
  8. Citizen Enterprises
  9. Other Groups
  10. Communication Tools for NGOs
  11. Reinforcing Civil Society in EU
  12. Economical and Social Committee
  13. Project Cycle for Non-Governmental Organizations
  14. Project Management