The goal of the project

Main objective of NGO-Public Sector Cooperation for Ecotourism and Environmental Education (EKOCESKI) Project is to increase participation of civil Association in decision taking and policy making processes on ecotourism through defining sustainable cooperation and mutual consultancy processes between NGOs and public sector and through establishing a lasting cooperation mechanism between civil Association and public sector.

NGO-Public Sector Cooperation for Ecotourism and Environmental Education (EKOCESKI) Project projesi endavours to fulfill specific objectives defined below for the achievement of project goal defined above:

  • to increase ecotourism, nature and environment protection and conservation information and awareness levels  of tourism establishments, local tourism guides within the  borders of Uzungol Plateaus and Special Environment Protection Area,
  • to establish communication networks between local population, regional public sector organizations and instititutions, local civil Association organizations, local tourist guides working actively on ecoutourism or which has a potential to do in order to encourage cooperation or to increase information sharing capacity,
  • to form and establish a lasting regional consulting board to bring together civil Association, private sector and public sector working in the field of ecotourism, to define necessary processes and procedures for cooperation and consultancy,
  • to define and establish right codess of conduct with regard to ecotourism and environmnent, to propose and develop practices that will promote sustainability of natural resources,
  • to develop mechanisms and structures that encourage civil Association participation in decision taking and policy making processes so that codes of conduct defined with regard to ecotourism and environment can be incorporated into regional development plans and strategic plans,
  • to develop educational programs and materials that could be replicated in other provinces and regions as well as for informing local stakeholders and visitors,
  • to instill environmental consciousness in local population so that wild life, natural habitats, ecosystems and natural resources and natural organisms are not harmed during ecotourism applications