What has been done

The Project for Raising Awareness for the Purpose of Protecting and Developing Human Rights was realised under the body of Kaced Association, in partnership with Association of Women’s Movement in Rural Areas (Turkey) and in cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders non-governmental organisation centred in Sweden.

Through the project in question, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) active in the Black Sea region for bringing forward the human rights and democracy issues, along with human rights activists, and women and youth disadvantaged economically and educationally shall be able to receive intensified information seminars. In addition to such, education kits in regards to human rights and democracy issues shall be prepared and these kits shall comprise the key information and materials for similar studies. After the expiry of the project period, small scale training programmes shall be implemented with these materials, providing sustainability to the project. At the end of the project period, the trained individuals shall go to the field and conduct enlightening studies for the suffering segments of society on the subjects of human rights and democracy, determine issues and demands, and realise pilot applications.

At the last stage of the project, mutual cooperation shall have been created with persons capable of influencing and changing the public agenda, particularly NGO and media representatives, within the context of the project.