The goal of the project

The main objective of the project is that to transfer the international human rights mechanisms (including The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and UN) and knowledge and skills which is relevant with issue to NGOs, Human Rights Defenders, Women and Young People whose Economic Level and Education Level are Low.

The intermediate objective of the project:

• The dissemination, absorption and ownership of the principles of the "EU Local Strategy to Support and Defend Human Rights Defenders in Turkey" in the local,

• The preparation of communications products which will form strategy of the project to create a serious multiplier effect,

• The preparation of training sets for the project training and information seminar,

• to give information seminar intensively by people who had been working about human rights violations of NGOs and types of various social discrimination;

• Ensuring that human rights educations programmes promote, inter alia, the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.

• Development struggle with specific problems and creation of awareness for more democratic society,