Why is this project needed?

The number of the Syrians who escaped from the civil war and the clash environment in Syria and took refuge in Turkey during the period from the year 2011 till the year 2016 is said to exceed 1.6 million according to the reports of Hacettepe University Migration and Politics Research Center (HUGO) and Amnesty International which were published recently and confirmed also by the official institutions. Only 13% of these people live in 22 camps in 10 cities, and the recent live outside the camps, spreading almost all over Turkey. More than 75% of the Syrians in Turkey comprise of children and women who need special protection. As well as ever-increasing problems in this situation of crisis like sheltering and unemployment, the asylum seekers face also with racism and hate speeches. The policies about the Syrians that Turkey built on "temporariness" are facing today with a great deadlock. Also in the state, policies regarding to the "permanence" of the Syrian asylum seekers are tried to put into practice urgently. In this concept, establishment of coexistence policies is gaining importance.

The reason of the conflict between the Syrians and the local people is economic. This project will reverse the situation and commonize the economic interests, and it is a preliminary work of the high-budget employment project that we think to present to the EU funds. Our aim is to contribute to the establishment of integration between these women from two different cultures by emphasizing common problems of women, and, more importantly, even while gathering together and developing ideas, visiting institutions together, and getting support from the local academics and their students for the high-budget employment project as a continuation of this project which we will present to the EU.