Project partners

Bulgarian European Community Studies Association (BECSA) is civil community organization gathering the people in close relation to the academic, research and other professional, public and the creative activities The European Community (EC) / the European Union (EU) and the European integration and collaboration issues.

The aims of the Association are as follows:

  • To be encouraged and developed of the civil community values in Bulgaria in compatible with the acquisitions during the process of integration and collaboration with Europe;
  • To make studies on EC / EU theoretical and practical matters and possibilities, in addition the problems before the accession of Bulgaria to the structures of collaboration and the integration of Bulgaria to the economical, political, academic and cultural life of the European Union member countries
  • To collect information and knowledge about the academic, cultural, professional and the other facts of the Bulgarian public sector and in addition, about the different political, legal and the other activities of EC / EU on integration and collaboration with Europe;
  • To collect information having a purpose of assisting for the foreign organizations, academic and professional institutions and individuals about the place, role, possibilities and problems of Bulgaria during the process of integration and collaboration with Europe. 




The European Policy EUROPEUM Institute is an over parties and independent organization, which does not pursue a goal of profit. The Organization is focused on the integration with Europe and the effect of this integration to the political, economical and legal environment of the Czech Republic. EUROPEUM endeavors to contribute to be developed of the long terms democracy, secularism, stability, liberty and solidarity throughout Europe. EUROPEUM offers alternatives and develops formulas for the inner reforms by its vision of full adaptable membership and a reputable position in the European Union.