What has been done

  • A project-specific communication strategy was developed for the purpose of effective implementation of the project, making impact upon local and national public, and further increase of the interest towards the project. As a part of this strategy, brochures and posters were prepared in Bulgarian, Czech and Turkish languages.
  • Training kits were prepared prior to the training and information seminars, which comprise the most important activity of the project. Following the preparation of the training kits, training seminars were organised. In these training seminars of the project, a sound monitoring and assessment mechanism was created for determining the fundamental needs of the project’s target group and developing activities in this perspective.
  • An international workshop with Bulgarian, Czech and Turkish participants was organised on the subject of youth in Turkey.
  • An EU Culture Map was prepared in Bulgarian, Czech and Turkish languages.
  • "Discover Europe", the publication of EU, was updated, adapted into project communication strategy and reproduced in Bulgarian, Czech and Turkish languages for primary and secondary school students.
  • Essay, poem and drawing contests on the subject of EU were organised in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Turkey. The purpose of the essay, poem and drawing contests, titled You Have Message From Europe, facilitating in raising the awareness of students on the values and virtues of the European Union and bringing forth their creative ideas out there in line with the general and special objectives of the project.