Project Activities

Activity 1: Project Management and Coordination

Activity 2: Introduction and Communication of the Project

Activity 2.1. Brochure

Activity 2.2. Poster

Activity 2.3. News Bulletin

Activity 2.4. Promotional items

Activity 2.5. Construction of the project web page

Activity 2.5. Project Flag

Activity 2.6. Project press event

Activity 3: Preparation of Informational Materials

Activity 3.1. Preparation of Painting Book

Activity 3.2. Preparation of a Booklet concerning the basic terms, institutions and organisations of the EU

Activity 3.3. Preparation of an EU Cultural Map

Activity 4: Arrangement of an International Conference

Activity 5: Composition, poetry and drawing contests concerning the EU issue

Activity 6: Organisation of Informative Seminars concerning the EU

Activity 7: Project Monitoring and Evaluation