The goal of the project

The general objective of the "You Have A Message From Europe" project is to provide more detailed information and understanding about the European Union, including the values it has been built upon, its function and policies especially in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, where the people are less concerned in the EU activities.

The main concern of the project will be providing an awareness of being a European Citizens to primary and secondary education students and educators. The aim will be to encourage youth to tackle the Europe and European citizenship issue and support them in taking part in the discussions concerning the construction of the European Union and its future.

The You Have A Message From Europe project aims to reach following special objectives within the above described objective:

  • To create a strong, deep and continuous dialog between Turkey and Bulgaria, which have a candidate country status, as well as the other EU member states,  
  • In a future expansion situation (candidateship and membership processes of the countries such as the project partners Bulgaria and Turkey) the EU must be supported with a strong, deep and continuous dialog between the peoples of both candidate countries and member states of the EU. Thus, the lack of information can be overcome and the level of information on the parties about each other can be increased; the citizens may come closer with different cultures, political and economic systems. Moreover, consciousness may be created about the opportunities and challenges concerning the accession to the EU,
  • To support open public discussions with the participation of both parties, enabling the parties to understand better each other, the expansion process, the benefits of the accession of Turkey, all cultural, political and organizational subjects related with the dialog of civil population,
  • For enabling this dialog, to strengthen the relations and mutual exchange of experience between all sections of the local peoples/civil societies of European Union member state the Czech Republic and the candidate country Bulgaria,
  • Thus, to overcome the lack of information; to increase the level of information on parties about each other and to make the project partner countries closer to different cultures;
  • By providing participation of the public, to create a wider interest and dialog;
  • By dealing with the opportunities and challenges of the accession to the EU related to a future expansion, to inform the public of the project partner countries and to enable the exchange of ideas;
  • A vivid and colourful civil population; in accordance with the foreseen political criteria for accession, to enable the enhancement of human rights and democracy;
  • Thus more consciousness may be created about the opportunities and challenges concerning the accession to the EU;
  • To increase the public awareness / understanding / interest about different parts of the European culture;
  • To introduce the EU multi-cultural identity and to promote the cultural collaboration of Turkish and European cultural organisations and to create opportunities for the richness of nationwide discussions concerning the EU;
  • To support the integration of youth with whole society and promote their entrepreneurship,