Project puplication

Project Brochures:

In order to inform the project interest groups and the public opinion about the purpose, progress or findings of the project proposal, 1000 units. Turkish brochures were designed and reproduced. To see this brochures, you can download the JPG file.

 Turkish click here to download the Brochure

 Training sets:

The training sets about the human rights and democracy were created in order to reinforce the civil society dialogue between Turkey and the EU by contributing in the consolidation of the democracy and superiority of law and the political culture and democratic accession/ governance, to ensure that the right-based Non-governmental Organizations and citizen initiatives are informed about the EU Acquis and the negotiation process within the EU Negotiation process and to  establish a live dialogue platform where the Non-governmental Organizations will be able to develop their own policy proposals in the field of democracy and superiority of law within the framework of their own working groups, schedule and format that they developed.

In the metnioned training set, also the questions such as ‘’How will the membership process develop, what kind of obligations will the EU membership impose on Turkey and what kind of opportunities will it provide? How will our life change? How does the Europen Union work, what are its policies? What are the financial support programmes of the European Union? How can they be used?’’ were answered in a comprehensive manner.

              Turkish click here to download the training set.