The goal of the project

The overall objective of this project proposal is to strengthen the civil society dialogue between Turkey and the EU with contributing to reinforce political culture and democratic participation/governance through democracy and the rule of law.

Specific objectives:

  • To establish network of sustainable relationships for distribution/sharing of information and exchange of experience on the purpose of encouragement for democratic governance / rule of law in Turkey, Germany and Latvia;
  • Creating a lively dialogue ground for rights based NGOs and citizen initiatives which will inform them about EU acquits and negotiating process and enable them to actively participating policy-making processes in the fields of democracy and the rule of law by the frame of self-developed working groups, calendar and form;
  • To support open public discussions with the participation of both parties, enabling the parties to understand better each other, the expansion process, the benefits of the accession of Turkey, all cultural, political and organizational subjects related with the dialog of civil population,