Youth works


We aim to facilitate the consolidation of the youth with the society, to encourage their spirit of entrepreneurship, to help them gaining knowledge, ability and competence, to ensure the development of the project culture among the youth, to increase their organization abilities, consolidate the sense of European Citizenship of the youth, to ensure that the youth having different cultures know each other, to reinforce mutual understanding and indulgence among the youth, to develop solidarity, to ensure that the youth establish their own policies, to encourage the European cooperation in the field of Youth and to support the cooperation with the international institutions. In line with this purpose, we held many national and international events.


The most important one of them is the three-day Youth Dialogue Workshop on the EU and Youth with regard to the human rights, democracy and EU – Turkey Civil dialogue. 5 German, 5 Latvian and 45 Turkish Youth related STK representative. The Workshop was held at Kackar Resort Hotel in Ayder Yaylasi in Turkey between the dates of 10-13 March 2015. It held this workshop with the support of the European Union. 



Photographs of the event: