Our policies

We continue our works to help in current legislation, regulations, approach and behaviour regarding the CULTURAL STUDIES / HUMAN RIGHTS and DEMOCRACY, PROTECTION OF NATURE AND EU AND TURKEY.  Kaced Association focuses on advocacy for these issues.Our association approaches the problems and their solutions ambidextrously, by using THE NEWEST and RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC DATA.

Our Cultural Studies/Human Rights and Democracy Policy:

  • To train and raise awareness in public thought about human rights, democracy and protection of natural assets, and environmental health in Turkey and in Black Sea Region.
  • To keep Black Sea and Laz cultures alive truly and to develop them, to inform public thought, 

Our Policy of Protection of Nature:

  • To develop cultural and ecological sources by protecting them from being used unconsciously, 
  • To inform our people about the results that global warming and climate change may cause and thus to provide support and awareness from public,
  • To help in the policy making process of protection of biodiversity, soil, water and nature and to fight to avoid making any concessions, 
  • To build a NGO - public cooperation system by raising awareness among tourism organizations and local tour guides in Black Sea Region about eco-tourism and environment and by promoting civil society's active participation in decision making process for sustainable eco-tourism,
  • To increase society's interest and love in trees and forests, 
  • To guide and promote the investors who may invest in Black Sea Region to provide diversity in tourism, improvement in socio-economy, prevent damages in environment and cultural assets. 

Our EU and Turkey Policy

  • To evaluate how the society, especially young people in Black Sea Region consider EU candidate member process and to transfer updated evaluations to the regarding bodies,
  • To raise awareness about the benefits and challenges of being a EU member,
  • To support discussions, open to public with the participation of both parties about the cultural, political and institutional issues in civil society dialogue between the EU and Turkey,
  • To strengthen the contact and experience exchange between all public and NGOs from EU members and candidate states while establishing such a dialogue,
  • By handling the opportunities and challenges with the future enlargement of the EU, to provide better information for Black Sea Region and Turkey and to create an opportunity for the exchange of thoughts,
  • To provide opportunity to enhance human rights and democracy in accordance with the criteria of a colourful and active civil society for participation.