Our objectives

The purpose of the Kaced Association is to create awareness and consciousness in the field of European Union Integration Process, Strengthening the Local Democracy and Civil Society, Human Rights and Citizenship, Multiculturalism, Superiority of Law, Environmental Protection, Cultural and Artistic Activities, Youth works and Studies of Women.

The following activities are performed for objectives:

European Union Integration Process:

  • to do joint projects with EU members, candidates and co-operation countries, to perform culture, art, dialogue with civil society, cooperation on environmental protection, youth work, work of women rights, the rights of disadvantaged groups, information competitions, festivals, forums, trainings, workshops, collaboration with the media, communications networks, conferences and seminars with the scope of  European Union integration process of Turkey
  • to carry out international projects, to perform local, regional, national and international activities with the scope of European Union integration process of Turkey.
  • to carry out joint projects with EU member and candidate countries non-governmental organizations to realize Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Candidate Countries; to perform knowledge competitions, festivals, forums, trainings, workshops, collaboration with the media, communications networks, conferences and seminars perform,
  • to ensure the active participation of civil society initiatives and to carry out activities to create "civil agenda" in this area at the process of the European Union.

Strengthening the Local Democracy and Civil Society:

  • the aims are strengthen local democracy with supporting the participation of citizens in social life and non-governmental field, more specifically the co-operation with local authorities and civil society initiatives and encouragement partnerships between municipalities,
  • to realize to explain the activities to local governments, civil society organizations and local communities about transparency and accountability,
  • to carry out joint projects and create awareness to increase capacity building and Non-Governmental Organizations,
  • to carry out projects to teach the latest developments in the EU membership process to the Non-Governmental Organizations,

Human Rights and Citizenship:

  • to make activities the resolution mechanisms which will be developed for removing violations on the human rights, to bring a new and creative breath for struggle of human rights,

Superiority of Law:

  • The idea of law country lies on the basis of democracy, the superiority of rule of is also the only effective way of protecting human rights. KACED Association contributes the institutionalization of the superiority of law, to provide freedom of expression and association, and in particular to freedom for establishing an association,
  • through to form and strengthen the dialogue and communication networks between non-governmental organizations, to remove prejudices and patterns, the prevention discrimination and development capacity to struggle against it,


  • to encourage living together with peace of different cultures and support the efforts which shown to safeguard cultural rights promote,
  • to realize and liven up national and international projects and festivals, forums, trainings, workshops, conferences, seminars to protect and values which represent self- culture of Laz such as Laz culture, literature, language,

Environmental Protection:

  • Protection of biological diversity and providing sustainable utilization of natural resources,
  • To create awareness and sensitivity for nature and problems of nature, to ensure active participation to protection of nature and make national and international projects on this subject,
  • To execute national and international projects such as sustainable development, rural development, regional development issues,
  • To have studies about alternative energy issues and to increase awareness of nation,
  • To execute national and international projects about the global warming, climate change issue,
  • To execute national and international projects about Eco-agriculture (ecological agriculture), eco-tourism (ecological tourism),
  • To cooperate to bring proposals with other non-governmental organizations for solutions about environmental issues, to do follow-up and evaluation activities and projects which are done by non-governmental organizations to organize for this purpose,

Cultural and Artistic Activities:

  • To do national and international traditional festival and workshops,
  • To form folk dances, folk songs and theater performances, and so to organize nights, ,
  • To organize competitions about folk songs and folk dances,
  • To send teams and participate competitions in foreign countries,
  • To cooperate and contact with non-governmental organizations which do activities with similar purpose at the country or abroad,
  • To organize books about folklore, brochures and magazine publications, exhibitions, panels and such as educational events,
  • To form team and to do folklore research.
  • To organize other artistic and cultural events,
  • Consulting services, museums, handicraft shops,

Studies of Women:

  • To ensure directly implementation of international agreements, request to participate in litigation which will be opened, is concerning women's rights and problems and if necessary, to prosecute. Including CEDAW (the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women),
  • To facilitate access to justice violence against women, family law and the legal status of women and other necessary cases, to take the part for justice, to give legal support and advice,
  • To develop the consciousness and awareness about cultural obstacles which prevent the participation of women in social, economic, political life, to inform and form public to overcome these obstacles,
  • To provide social, psychological counseling services for women
  • to do works which is protective, educational and create awareness for the prevention of violations of rights
  • To make and execute training, workshops, seminars and projects,
  • To organize public relations and the formation of communications network, trainings, meetings, media, festivals, art, culture and street activities,
  • The campaigns which create awareness and to do work visits,
  • To provide guidance services for women one-on-one,
  • The public institutions, universities, hospitals, cooperation, solidarity, conducting joint studies and perform other necessary activities with other institution, organizations and non-governmental organizations which work about woman in national and international field.
  • Paper, newsletters, books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, posters, to do duration / indefinite broadcast in electronic media, to do radio, television, etc.. or to participate at these programs.

Youth works:

  • to realize training and exchange programs which are introducer youth work at European institutions and European Union countries for sharing experience and development of capacity participation process of European Union,
  • To combine the development of the society with the protection, improvement and development of the environment and ecological city establishment principles, to conduct educational activities with regard to that it is also important for the human being to be in close relationship with the nature as well as the cities' achievement of a continuous development order and to ensure cooperation between the youth having this awareness and the local administrations and universities.
  • to do works which supports the state's policy for young people to train about dependence, intolerance, crime and such as social problems,
  • to develop partner training programs with business world for unemployed young people to have jobs and profession,

Studies for disabled people:

  • to establish the educational, cultural, health, tourism and sport infrastructure which serves all type of physical, mental, spiritual, social, hearing and visually group,
  • to prepare and implement projects for participation to social transformation and production,
  • to do research on national and international platforms, to establish training and rehabilitation centers,